Over on the Facebook page for the upcoming Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, it was just announced that Namco Bandai, who’s publishing it in the United States, is starting a pre-order incentive for the Wizard’s Edition of the game called Ninostarter. The obvious connection to the wildly popular fundraising service Kickstarter is obvious and the premise is simple: every pre-order made through Namco Bandai’s online store for this edition of the game increases the amount of extra content that comes with it. Unlocks are done in tiers, and at the time of this writing, it seems that we’re just shy of being halfway towards the first piece of bonus content!

Already, the Wizard’s Edition of the game is coming with some nice stuff. It includes a hardcover 300+ page copy of the Wizard’s Companion, a book that’s used in the game by the main protagonist, Oliver. It contains a bestiary which features information on all of the enemies, as well as item description, spells and the history surrounding the locations players will visit. Purchasers will also receive a bit of downloadable content in the form of alternate costumes for two characters and a plush figure of Drippy, Oliver’s companion throughout the game.

I’ve been incredibly excited about Ni No Kuni for a long time. The collaboration between LEVEL-5 and the famous Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli has me excited to see the final product, and I’m strongly considering pre-ordering the Wizard’s Edition for myself. However, take note! It’s only available for pre-order until the 31st of August, and you can do so here. It’s going to cost you $100, but if you’re looking forward to Ni No Kuni as much as I am, it seems worth it.