So Ouya finally has its first exclusive title. If you’ve happened to be living under an internet-free rock for the past couple of weeks, then let me catch you up on exactly what Ouya is. Pitched as the $99 console, Ouya runs on a version of Android with an open platform mentality. Considering the news of Polytron lashing out against Microsoft’s strict procedures (another developer in the long list of them to do so), the Ouya plans to be developer- and hacker- friendly. Its Kickstarter gained momentum quickly and blew past its $950,000 goal to $5.2 million dollars as of this writing.

Despite the clear enthusiasm for the idea, a few concerns have continued to come up amongst- for lack of a better word- industry pundits; one of which is the games will it offer. Former creative strategist for Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, answered that by announcing that the Ouya will be the exclusive home to a game that serves as a prequel to his studio’s other project- Human Element.

Detailing the news through a video on the project’s update page, Bowling discusses how his excitement for the idea led to him personally donating $10,000 to the project. The game, developed by Robotoki, will allow players to explore events that lead up to Human Element’s narrative. The episodic prequel will apparently release earlier than the actual game, which is planned for a 2015 debut. As the Ouya is targeted for a March release in 2013, that give both groups about eight months to accomplish their goals.

Considering how much goodwill the company has raised from the public, the ball is in Ouya’s court. Whether they’ll make the shot or end up bouncing off the backboard is yet to be seen. I’m calling a foul on this extended metaphor.