Davis Senior High School, in Davis, California, has got quite an impressive list of noteable graduates. Among the Blue Devil faithful are a Nobel Prize winner, an America’s Got Talent contestant, an NFL defensive tackle, and a software executive by the name of Gabe Newell. Yes, I’m talking about the beloved co-founder of Valve.

The image you see above is of Gabe Newell as a high school freshman, and it’s the direct result of some fine detective work by Redditor, electrifuzz, who says he stumbled upon the treasure while snooping through his father’s year book.

According to electrifuzz, the two didn’t know each other back then, as his father was a senior at the time of Gabe’s freshman year. None the less, the internet meme loving community is one Gabe Newell image richer thanks to his glorious efforts. Thanks for sharing.