Last year’s E3 was filled with quite a few memorably bad things. Mr. Caffeine attempting to take the audience back in time with mouth sound effects during Ubisoft’s conference annoyed everyone. The press was infected by the positivity at Sony’s conference, leading everyone to say “Great job, Jeremy.” There was the audible groan as Kaz Hirai announced AT&T as the PSVita’s wireless provider. Let’s not forget Hideo Kojima’s Transfarring program, presented here by the Mega64 team:

Thankfully, cloud-saving wasn’t the only idea Kojima had in store for the event. He also talked about his studio’s new, multi-platform engine called titled FOX Engine. You can see him show a bit of it off in the video below at the 18:50 mark:

Not much news has been released about the subject in the year since. We know that it’s being used in a game code named ‘Project Ogre’, will focus on ogres and will be a long-form, open-world game. In a Metal Gear retrospective released on the US Playstation blog, the developer ends the post by saying that while unfinished, people will be able to see what the FOX Engine can do come August 30th.

Will it be more footage of the test-game seen in the video above? A demo of the next game in main MGS series? Details are unclear, but will be cleared up in a little over a month.

via [Giant Bomb]