Warren Spector and his team at Junction Point Studios are looking to stack the creative talent behind the upcoming Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.  And with the title so focused on storytelling and player choice defining the narrative, it only makes sense that the team hire a storyteller with a long and illustrious history.  The man they found for the job is Marv Wolfman.

Now that name may not immediately ring any bells, but chances are Wolfman has influenced something players have read.  From creating the vampire-hunter Blade and even serving as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics during the 1970’s, to creating the third Robin, Tim Drake, to actually working for Disney Comics in the 1990’s, Wolfman has certainly left his mark on the graphic novel.  Now he is hoping to do the same with video games.

In the video below, Wolfman discusses the reverence he has for the characters and what his experience has been like working in a new medium.  Spector and senior designer Brian Freyermuth also chime in to extol the virtues of Wolfman and explain why the story is such an integral portion of Epic Mickey 2.

The video offers little new information on the game and the gameplay is from the enjoyable E3 demo I had the good fortune to play, but it is evident that all three members of the Epic Mickey 2 team love the project and are thrilled to have the chance to create it.  Wolfman is hardly revelatory in his description of how writing for video game requires keeping the player’s ability to affect the title, but with his familiarity with the world he appears to have a handle on the material.  Fans will know for sure though if Wolfman’s tale does Mickey Mouse justice when the sequel releases on November 18 for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.