In order to celebrate the upcoming August 19th launch of New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS, Nintendo is having a sale on many Mario eShop titles.  The list of titles, dates when each title will be on sale, and sale price are as follows:

Super Mario Bros. (July 26 – August 1) ($3.99) – The NES classic that, in the eyes of many, changed gaming forever.  A must have for everyone and my personal favorite game of all time.

Super Mario Land (August 2 – August 8) ($2.99) – Mario’s first Game Boy adventure and one of the strangest Mario titles.  It also features the first appearance of Princess Daisy!

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins (August 9 – August 15) ($2.99) – A sequel to the first Mario Land and another great Game Boy title.  This Mario game marks the first time Wario was ever seen!

Mario’s Picross (August 16 – August 22) ($2.99) – A Picross game featuring Mario, another Game Boy classic!

Each of these Mario titles is one dollar off the regular eShop price and a great way for younger fans to learn more about Mario’s history, as well as a way for the older fans to relive their youth through these past games.  So which of these titles will you be downloading?

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