Quantum Conundrum, since its release on July 21, has offered enjoyable mind-bending puzzles straight from the creative mind of Kim Swift and her fellow developers.  It seems that she and the team at Airtight Games are ready to expand on their quirky puzzle title with two DLC packs set to release in the coming months.

Publisher Square Enix has announced that the first of the two, “The Desmond Debacle,” will release July 31 on Steam, August 14 on PlayStation Network and August 15 on Xbox Live Arcade for $2.99/240 Microsoft Points.  The “Debacle” will have players traversing a previously unseen wing of the Quadwrangle Manor.  As the title suggests, everyone’s favorite drinking bird, Desmond, will be presenting players with a new set of puzzles.

“IKE-aramba!” will see its release for Steam on August 28, September 11 on PlayStation Network and September 12 for Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 for the same price point as “The Desmond Debacle.”  Players will have to once again set out on a rescue mission, but this time it is in search of the IKE, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle’s Interdimensional Kinetic Entity.  This pack will introduce yet another never-before discovered wing of the manor and promises to have players attempting to cross massive chasms.

Two new packs of DLC is great news for fans of the downloadable puzzler – and if you’re not a fan read our review to find out why you should be.  As a bit of good news for Steam owners who purchased a season pass, as these two packs will come at no extra charge.  Additionally, for those hoping to gleam a sneak peak at the DLC packs, take a look below for some new screenshots.