In a press release sent out by THQ today, Relic’s new weather technology was highlighted. (Err.. let me specify that it’s video game technology and not Relic building a series of Tesla coils to harness the power of the atmosphere in a bold move from developer to dictator.) Titled ColdTech, the new technology aims to bring the harshness of Russian winters to the next entry in the Company of Heroes series, Company of Heroes 2. Aside from adding the pressure of having to move troops towards warmth lest they freeze and allowing for enviromental attacks, ColdTech will also allow

“…the Essence Engine to dynamically paint on and remove snow, meaning that not only does it accumulate on buildings and vehicles, but it can also be melted or removed from objects by the player. Snow also has realistic depth which actually impacts troop movement and will retain persistent infantry and vehicle tracks throughout the match unless covered by fresh snow fall”

according to the release.

Company of Heroes 2 is planned for a PC release in early 2013, but if you can’t wait until then, here are some screenshots to tide you over: