As I’ve recently discovered, starting your late twenties is when you begin to get out of touch with what ‘kids these days’ are into. Dubstep? Bieber? Pouring vodka in their eyes? Amongst that list also lies the latest iteration of My Little Pony as something they love, giving birth to the ‘bronie’ sub-culture. From said culture comes My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic. It’s a freeware indie game made entirely by fans and actually looks quite well made. Here’s the game in action:

The character roster will consist of 17 characters- including one non-pony. Having watched a few of the videos, I can say that I’m interested in this project based on the music alone and am curious as to how much of it is derivative of the show.

Being developed by Mane6, the game will be released for free on the PC as the game has no legal ties to Hasbro (owners of the MLP IP). There’s no date set for release, but you can keep up with the game at the official site.