Hello, my name is Mike, and I’m addicted to Transformers. (Hi, Mike!) Whenever anyone mentions giant robots that turn into vehicles, any word that ends with “bot” or “con,” or simply makes a weird chunking sound with their mouth, I can’t control myself. I turn into a Hulk-like creature and seek out the source, consuming everything in my way. That’s why when High Moon Studios announced that Transformers: War for Cybertron would include a multiplayer mode that encouraged (nay, demanded) that players create their own Transformers, I was in nerd heaven.

Now, with the upcoming release of Fall of Cybertron, the development team seems to have returned to the drawing board to tweak, polish and Turtle Wax the online offerings. In the first pre-G1 (that’s before the 80s cartoon now referred to affectionately as Generation One) game, visual customization options were present, but a bit limited. Other than choosing from an array of default chassis and picking a primary and accent color, there wasn’t much room for creativity. Well, kitbashers, you’re in luck.

This time out, High Moon is giving us the opportunity to piece together our very own Cybertronians. More color options will be available, sure, but mixing and matching other parts (most importantly the head) seems to have made it in. Things aren’t a carbon copy on the gameplay side either.

Only one class from the original game seems to have made it over intact. The high-flying, healing and draining Scientists will be making a return. The Scout, Soldier and Leader have been replaced by the Infiltrator, Destroyer and Titan. What is unclear from the video and screenshots below are whether these are simply new names or if they function differently than in the last title. Oh, and where are the Dinobots, High Moon? Where. are. the. Dinobots?!

In addition to the ten maps and the variety of competitive modes (not yet detailed), cooperative Escalation mode makes a comeback. This is a horde-style of play that pits your team against a mounting cascade of enemy ‘Bots or ‘Cons. I recall that it was quite difficult in War for Cybertron and hope they don’t let up this time out.

Transformers: Fall of Cyberttron will be available in just a few short weeks on August 21,  2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.