Hand-scale crossbows! Blinking! Sneak attacks! Possession! All this and more in the latest Dishonored trailer our of Arkane Studios that shows off various ways to escape the law’s long-arm.

What I enjoy about this video is that it seems like an actual person is playing the as opposed to a tightly choreographed sequence that was played through. Notice the stiffness of the reticule during the blinking and possession sequences- it has the natural hesitation of someone controlling it and considering their actions. It’s also really neat that they’re showing off the openness of encounters, as I love when games give me freedom to handle a situation how I want with the tools I’m given. That being said, I’m curious to see if that freedom will be as broad in all the missions. I’m certainly excited to find out, and we’ll all be able to do so come October 9th of this year when Dishonored releases onto PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows.