In addition to being treated to a host of interesting, user-created mods, those who are playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC platform have also been first in line to get many of the patches that Bethesda has been pumping out. With a massively open-world game like Skyrim, encountering bugs, glitches and other oddities is to be expected, and this has kept the developers hard at work since the game launched. The latest patch, version 1.7 to be exact, is scheduled for release sometime in the very near future. If you’re a Steam user, you now have access to a beta version of this patch.

Patch 1.7 aims to fix mostly issues with the Dawnguard DLC and recurring problems with the Kinect recognition. The confirmed fixes include crashes that sometimes occur during a dragon landing or when your character goes into water, delayed animations, Kinect voice recognition isues with the Dawnguard DLC and other general fixes. The patch will cover the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms upon release, however the beta is currently available exclusively to Steam members. If you’re signed up to get Skyrim patches on Steam, it should download automatically when you sign in.

It is unknown if this latest Skyrim update will include any in-game additions, however it is possible. Previous patches incorporated everything from small, nice-to-have changes to fan favorites like mounted combat. More details will likely be released after the beta test on Steam, and a final release date for the full patch has yet to be confirmed.