Get ready for an attitude adjustment when WWE ’13 arrives later this year. THQ delivered a new trailer today to tout the new “WWE Live” feature of the upcoming installment of the perennial series. On paper, there is nothing terribly exciting about the feature. It amounts to some new environmental reactions like ring breaks and barricades being barreled over and some more lifelike sounds.

Actually seeing the feature in action and in contrast to last year’s offering drives the point home. Sound in video games matters, and WWE Live is about to be a major factor in catapulting the franchise forward. Built upon recordings of real, lively WWE crowds, the new audience reactions, chants and energy make an enormous difference. The commentary engine has also been tuned up to create more dynamic and exciting narration.

Near falls, huge moves and the game’s “Spectacular Moments” (the ring breaks, barricade smashes and dramatic top of cage throws) all seem to be meatier thanks to the new dramatic camera angles and realistic crowd reactions. Speaking of commentary, WWE ’13 will feature two teams since there is such a huge focus on the attitude era. Both sets will include Jerry “The King” Lawler, but he’ll be joined by current partners Michael Cole and Attitude-era compatriot Jim “JR” Ross. Let’s hope the presence of short bits of familiar audio in the trailer doesn’t mean that there won’t be any new voice over work done, though.

Of course, sound can’t fix stale visuals. Thankfully WWE ’13 is stepping it up with the new Predator Engine 2.0. Hundreds of new animations are good, but the addition of dramatic, mid-air finisher reversals is great. The big men are also getting a makeover, with new larger models for Superstars like Mark Henry and The Big Show. The models are more lifelike than ever, and it seems that there is refocused effort to bring the most authentic fake sport experience into your hands when the game arrives on October 30, 2012 on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii (a touch earlier than in past years).