When I look back through rose-colored glasses, the Transformers toys of my youth were immaculate, fantastic representations of the cartoon characters they represented. While that might not be quite the reality with all of them (anyone else remember the poor treatment that Ratchet and Ironhide received with those flat faces?), it’s hard to deny that the original Optimus Prime toy was covetable. Sure he didn’t have knees, but he looked more like his animated counterpart than nearly every other Transformer, especially his nemesis Megatron (who looked like he is sore from riding a horse). Now, High Moon Studios and Activision are polishing up the nostalgia (much like the 20th Anniversary Optimus  figure did) and bringing classic Prime into the 21st century.

Those of you that pre-order from Gamestop will get the G1 Retro Pack with the original Optimus Prime and guns modeled after Megatron’s and Shockwave’s alts (that’s Transformers lingo for the the things they turn into that aren’t giant robots). Once again, though, some of the most interesting tidbits in this short trailer are in the background. No, I’m not talking about the masterful use of Stan Bush’s “The Touch” from the 1986 Transformers: The Movie. 

If you look over Optimus’ left shoulder during the part of the trailer the image above is taken from, there are two Autobots. Unless I am mistaken, those are Hound and Ultra Magnus. The former is defined by is right shoulder-mounted cannon and green color. The latter has the shoulder pistons and blue and white styling.

If you need me from now until August 21, when the game arrives for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, I’ll be breathing into a paper bag. Too much excitement.



    • Pretty much, especially if you go back to the Japanese version when the toys existed in another series. One little piece (well… three) from that era are Destron Insecticons in the reddish color scheme rather than the purple. Those doors in their chests were meant to hold cubes, which I have also.

      <3 Transformers.