In the vein of old ‘choose your own adventure’ books, a new Crysis 3 trailer is out today that lets viewers pick which segment of video they’d like to see that shows off different encounter styles. I write ‘different’ with a hint of sarcasm, but I’ll explain that after the video here:

There’s nothing particularly surprising here. Looks a lot like the linear Crysis 2 with a couple of more weapons. And weapons are the name of the game in this trailer apparently, as the use of multiple powers (i.e. the thing that makes the Crysis series unique) aren’t the focus in the combat route of the vid as whoever is playing stands on open ground swinging their guns around like some murderous idiot-savant.

Also, when did the word ‘stealth’ come to mean the antithesis of the concept of stealth? Becoming invisible and going through vents seem more like aesthetic choices that still lead you into situations where you have to shoot a bunch of dudes.

I digress though, as it seems that the dynamic combat situations that make Crysis worth playing are still here- just buried under a weird demo. Also, bows are kind of neat.

Crysis 3 comes to PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows this coming February 2013.