While the PSOne Classics section of the PlayStation Network can boast just about every hit (and some slightly lesser) title that was released on that console, the PlayStation 2 section remains woefully incomplete, with only twenty-two (at the time of writing) titles available. Sony is set to make the offering a little bit better by the end of this month, though, with two more titles set to become available on July 31st.

The first is a little game you may have heard of: Grand Theft Auto III. That’s right, the title that arguably created the format for open-world games developers still follow to this day will be available for download starting next Tuesday. Developer Rockstar struck gold with this release,¬†catapulting both their own name and the Grand Theft Auto franchise into mainstream success. With the release of Grand Theft Auto V somewhere on the horizon, now isn’t a bad time to take a look at the progress the series has made over the years. Personally, I’ll be waiting for a PSN release of Vice City, but I’ll probably grab this one, too.

The other, somewhat rougher gem Sony will be posting is War of the Monsters, a 3D fighting game letting you take control of ten overgrown monsters, some pulled straight from movies like King K0ng and Godzilla, and do battle in destructible city environments. This one may have passed you by when it originally released in 2003, but Incognito Entertainment is definitely deserving of praise for taking the concept of Rampage and making it oh-so-much better. There were some camera issues, and the enemy AI could sometimes get annoying, but overall, it’s unquestionably a title worth checking out, especially if you’ve never played it.

Pricing on these two releases is, as of yet, unconfirmed, but the other titles in the PlayStation 2 Classics library sell at $9.99, so you might be able to grab both of these titles for a cool $20. At the same time, the PSOne Classics has a pricing structure that varies depending on the overall popularity of the game. That being the case, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see GTA III, at least, sell for a little bit more than the usual $9.99. Although, since none of the available titles have gone over the $9.99 mark, I can’t say that wouldn’t be a little disappointing.

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  1. Well last time GTA 3 was ported to a new device, days after GTA V was officially announced. So maybe this time when its ported to the PS3 we will see a new trailer. I bet my money on anywhere from July 31st to August 6th