For the second time in three years, Microsoft has canceled development on its Flight Simulator series. The latest installment, simply titled Microsoft Flight, was released just five months ago after the series was previously discontinued in 2009. Flight was released as “free-to-play” with additional expansion packs available for purchase.

Microsoft claims that the decision was part of the “natural ebb and flow” of their portfolio management and that the decision didn’t come easily. It was initially reported that the company also closed down the Vancouver, Canada-based studio that worked on Flight, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Microsoft has only shut down further development on the Flight series, as well as the Kinect game Project Columbia, which did result in some layoffs, but the studio remains open.

Microsoft Flight is still available, free, at Microsoft’s official site. The company still supports the Flight community. You’re still free to take to the skies, you’re just a little limited in where you can put’er down.

via[Venture Beat]


  1. “microsoft flight” was never a simulator, even microsoft admitted that, thus they did not “eject from flight sim business again”.

    It was a crappy flying game that ultimately didn’t make anywhere near the money they thought it would.