For fans of the downloadable title Limbo, I have a good news, bad news situation for all of you.  The good news is that developer PlayDead is hard at work on the followup to the studio’s well-received first title.  Though the above concept art is the only proof that this game is in development, the studio has recently assured IGN that the title is well underway.  The bad news?  Well, don’t expect it anytime soon.

PlayDead’s game director Arnt Jensen said the currently codenamed “Project 2” is at least two years away.  While that may be disappointing for most, the team wants to assure fans this is a creative choice.  The developer does not believe in making decisions around monetary influences, and this long development time appears to insure that as many fans as possible can get their hands on the game.

“Project 2” will still be a puzzle platformer, and PlayDead is promising for an experience “more weird” and “more 3D” than Limbo, whatever those vague descriptions may be.  The game may even include ideas cut from the team’s first game that they still loved and wanted to incorporate, so expect somewhat of a spiritual successor.

On the technical side of things, the next title is being developed on the Unity engine, which PlayDead says affords them flexibility in porting the title to multiple platforms.  As Limbo was available on Xbox Live Arcade exclusively for a year before releasing on PC and PlayStation 3, PlayDead will likely be able to release on multiple platforms from the start barring any exclusivity contracts.

Though this may be unfortunate news for fans of the studio, we can hopefully expect countless teases and small snippets of information in the two years to come.