My interest in horror games continues despite the fact that I’m particularly susceptible to even the least elegant of scare trickery. This week’s game is Paranormal which is- you guessed it- a first-person horror game. The interesting, aesthetic twist in this one is that it places you in the shoes of a young man who is recording around his house which he is convinced is haunted. Here’s a trailer:

The popping of the audio is a nice touch and the premise of it being recorded can allow for clean cuts between sections that will keep the house feeling like an actual place instead of a parody of a haunted mansion. Other camera effects like shake, pixelation, distortion and motion blur cast the game in the found-footage tradition of Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project– two works that the creators explicitly point to. ‘Dynamic haunting’ is also a thing, and one which doesn’t inspire much confidence due to my recent experience with Anna, which also implemented a similar system that ended up creating too many scares.

Criticism aside though, I’m excited to see what will result of this and so did the people of Kickstarter, as the game’s $800 goal was rocketed up to $8,000. Despite the fact that this is the third game in recent months to take on what Amnesia accomplished in 2010, the funding success of this title shows that people are still quite hungry to see more of this style of game. Let’s hope a deluge of it won’t ruin appetites.

The game is planned for a Halloween release of this year on PC, conveniently filling in the space left by Amnesia’s sequel delay to 2013. You can keep up with the project at the Kickstarter page or ModDB page.

via [Rock Paper Shotgun]