David Cage has a knack for putting narrative over gameplay, and he’s looking to continue that trend with the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls.  Speaking in an interview to Edge, Cage discusses his philosophy while working on the Ellen Page-starring title.

Addressing the need to balance story and actual gameplay, Cage said, “I am not interested in giving them ‘fun’, I want to give them meaning; I don’t want to challenge their thumbs, I want to challenge their minds.”  The creative mind behind Quantic Dream‘s newest project emphasized that the technology employed in the studio’s “Kara” demo and the motion-capture of Page are key aspects of building this emotionally moving tale.

Cage admits he is not even sure if players want this type of experience, but this is what he is determined to deliver to his audience.  Having seen the game at E3 and in person afterwards, I can’t help but feel that Cage is both sticking to this idea and deviating from it.  Of course, the initial reveal of the game in intended to stun audiences, but what I have seen so far suggests a title far more conscious of gameplay.  Even including the decision to allow players to control Page’s character Jodi with a normal analog scheme instead of holding down an additional button just to walk like in Heavy Rain, Beyond appears both more fun to play and a deeper story with which to connect.

Players will follow Jodi over 15 years of her life, and Cage hopes by showing so much of the character’s life in conjunction with Page’s performance, a deeper connection with her character will be established.  Beyond appears like an ambitious endeavor with which Cage has some lofty goals in mind.  Expect to find out more about how Beyond: Two Souls strives to be unique as we inch closer to its 2013 release.