Apparently, today is all about Kickstarters focused on retro-inspired siblings as The Other Brothers project has recently gone live. Like any good Kickstarter, the folks at 3D Attack have accomplished a lot already, as seen in their video here

The game is calling itself an adventure game, which is a bit confusing due to the fact that when I say ‘adventure games’ I mean pointing and clicking, whereas when normal people say ‘adventure’ they’re referring to excitement and risks. Despite my confusion with the nomenclature, the platformer seems like an enjoyable throwback with good music. The small, four-man development group is asking for $50,000, with $15 getting you the game. As the developer plans for The Other Brothers to be episodic and will provide free DLC to donors, it seems like a good deal.

The Other Brothers is planned for a fall 2012 release on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.