While we all eagerly await the Running Man video game that does the movie justice (that’s coming, right?) we can satiate our televised violence hunger with Bullet Run, a new multiplayer, FPS, F2P from SOE and ACONY Games. Here’s a trailer:

While the video may not describe much, here’s SOE’s own words about the game:

In Bullet Run, players are pit against each other in a reality TV show setting where performance is everything — simply gaining the kill does not win your character fame. Style and attitude, combined with a hair trigger and cat-like reflexes, will bring players, also known as “Contestants,” the fame they crave. Featuring six Synth Arenas — from oilrigs [sic] to abandoned shanty towns — the game focuses on individual character and weapon advancement and progression. Through their showmanship, players will have the opportunity to unlock and/or purchase new weapons, weapon modifications and attachments, wardrobe items, accessories, and custom weapon decals — all contributing to thousands of possible combinations for customization of their characters.

Much of the pitch sounds like standard multiplayer- and it is. Weapon and character upgrades. Team deathmatch. Domination. Active reloads. The ‘style’ element is what sticks out to me and has me recalling fond memories of Bulletstorm. (How I’ve missed good ole’ dick-tits.)

But enough speculation! You can check out the game yourself as it’s already live for the Windows platform and can downloaded through Steam. Go forth and kill elegantly.