The gaming industry has definitely seen better days. We keep hearing reports of studios such as THQ facing financial difficulties, while others like 38 Studios and Rockstar Vancouver have shut down completely. Even Capcom has not been immune to this, as we recently reported that their Vancouver office has also experienced a reduction in staff. However, the outlook is not all doom and gloom for Capcom as their quarterly earnings have shown a surprisingly sharp increase in profits. Despite business decisions that some might consider questionable and a healthy amount of fan derision, the company still appears to be standing strong.

In the first quarter of 2012, Capcom saw a 55.8 percent increase in their sales, amounting to $238.2 million in net sales. An impressive $17 million of that number is profit, which is a 290% increase over the same quarter in 2011. This recent deluge of success is largely due to the popularity of Dragon’s Dogma, an action role-playing game that has sold over one million copies to date. The popularity of title has also spurred interest in expanding it into a series, something Capcom confirmed shortly after the game’s launch. Profits were also nicely topped up by Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, which sold over 450,000 units across all platforms.

Interestingly, Capcom’s ventures into social media and mobile games have also fared quite well. The overall sales of games like The Smurf’s Village might not have produced record-braking sales figures, however Capcom has reported steady revenue and over two million registered users. The bulk of the profit has come from the PC and console games, however the success of their mobile gaming endeavours is pointing to an upward trend for the company. This will no doubt come as welcome news for those who fear for the gaming industry, while Capcom detractors are likely to be less enthused.