When Medal of Honor: Warfighter arrives in stores on October 23, players will get their next look inside the challenging lives of Tier 1 operators (elite soldiers tasked with extremely important missions). Today, EA and Danger Close have started their build up to the series’ next installment with the first gameplay trailer. It appears that Preacher, the game’s lead protagonist, is facing a dilemma that isn’t uncommon amongst these elite warriors. He has a young family, but must leave them behind when called back into action.

Being torn between being home with your loved ones and traveling to the world’s most dangerous locations to protect them is a heart-wrenching one. The team at Danger Close is working harder than ever to deliver an experience that shows the humanity of the brave men and women that protect our freedoms every day. You can take a look at the trailer below to see the game in all of its stunning Frostbite 2-powered glory and read up on our recent impressions of the game’s multiplayer offering here.