Say it with us now. AWWWWWWWWWWW! This is, by far, the cutest representation of any dragon-killing, vampire-hunting skeleton bashing hero ever created. Watch out, LEGO. Symbiote Studios, the officilally-licensed manufacturer of these brand new Skyrim Dovahcuties (no, that’s not what they are really called) is gunning for you thanks to a new agreement with Bethesda.

To celebrate their partnership, the funny figure folks have revealed an exclusive QuakeCon mini that will be given to anyone that ordered the “Swag Pack” when registering for the event.  The figures are made of vinyl, and we can expect to see more based on more Bethesda games. We’re looking forward to seeing what Symbiote cooks up for Dishonored, Doom, Fallout and Quake.

The art above will give you an idea what the Dragonborn figure will look like when it arrives this month (August 2012). QuakeCon attendees can pre-order at the Symbiote booth, and the rest of us can head on over to the company’s website to put down our (reasonable) $9.99. If you want an idea of what one of these looks like, check out the picture of the exclusive QuakeCon item below.