Old school PC gamers, rejoice! The Rise of the Triad reboot is a reality, thanks to Inteceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software.

Yesterday night, Polygon uncovered a Rise of the Triad Twitter account that claimed to be for the official reboot. It turns out that the Twitter account was indeed the official one, cranked out a little early in time for the unveiling.

Dave Oshry, RipTen’s former Managing Editor (and the game’s Marketing Director), took to the stage with Interceptor and Apogee at Quakecon 2012 for the big reveal… and my, is the reboot looking great. The weapons… are just as ridiculous as expected. Exploding Firewalls, Heat-Seeking Missiles, Exploding Baseball Bats… you name it. Oh, and don’t worry about any of that willy-nilly, cover-shooting bullshit. This is 100% of the fast-paced shooters of old… with a little makeover with the Unreal Engine.

The Rise of the Triad booth at Quakecon 2012

For you Quakecon attendees, Rise of the Triad will have a playable demo in the exhibit hall with LAN multiplayer.

Stay tuned for our Rise of the Triad preview, which will be coming shortly… Meanwhile, feast your eyes upon the Rise of the Triad trailer, courtesy of Machinima:

You can find more information on Rise of the Triad at www.riseofthetriad.net (although at the time of this writing, the site is down) or at the game’s official Facebook and Twitter.