When I was in high school, each year the seniors played a game called Assassins. Each participant was equipped with a small (often malfunctioning) water gun and assigned another member of the class to hunt down and squirt for the kill. We lived by a simple creed. Don’t shoot anyone in class, and don’t be seen. Of course, while players stalk their targets, there is someone gunning for them, too. It was one of the highlights of reaching our final year at good ol’ Governor Livingston Regional High School.

Dead Drop is all of that and much more. In addition to the classic kill-or-be-killed mode, the game will be updated later to include capture the flag and king of the hill. Safe houses, weapons like bombs, poison and sniper rifles, and varied objectives like meet-ups and random events spice things up.

In our early testing, it was hard to find a multiplayer game. Thankfully, there is a single-player campaign that introduces players to the mechanics. Once more people have the app installed, things are sure to get more interesting.

The title is free, supported by a clever monetization strategy that will link safehouses and flag capture locations to participating sponsors. These features aren’t live yet, and are planned as an update. For now, you can grab the game here and check out the live-action, first person trailer below.

The duck flies at midnight to escape the dog catcher. Sorry. Just prepping my inner spy.


DeadDrop First Person Promo! from LIME on Vimeo.