Make way for Black Ops 2! Activision announced today the final two content collections for Modern Warfare 3 giving players their last burst of contemporary combat before rocketing into the future this November. Please note that the items included in these last two packs will be rolled out to Call of Duty Elite premium members earlier, and participants can find out when right here.

Coming on August 9 to Xbox 360 (and shortly thereafter to PC and PS3) is Content Collection #3: Chaos Pack. Included are four new Spec Ops missions, three new Face Off maps and a new mode, called Chaos (bet you didn’t see that coming). Taking place on four community favorite maps (Resistance, Village, Underground and Dome), players will need to chain kills and survive waves of enemies. The maps are also filled with power-ups, and… hey. This sounds just a little bit familiar. Like… undead familiar. Fans of Treyarch’s Zombies will have to let us know how they think this stacks up. You’ll be able to grab this bundle for 1200msp ($14.99).

The last collection will arrive just a month later on September 6 (again on Xbox 360 first with other platforms getting their shoot on later). Content Collection #4: Final Assault is about hardcore multiplayer. Five new maps look to up the visual ante with a trip to New Orleans (“Parish”), a mining encampment (“Gulch”), two different aquatic-themed environments (“Offshore” and “Decommission”) and the map I will most certainly be playing, “Boardwalk.” That last one takes place in my home state, down the shore. I just hope that they incorporated Jenkinsons and allow me to visit the aquarium, get some Kohr Bros. frozen custard and top it off with some boardwalk fries in between rounds.

When all is said and done, the pilot year for Call of Duty Elite will have seen 29 new pieces of content including three free maps, two new modes and a series first in the from of downloadable Spec Ops missions. So, what do you think Premium members? Was the $50 price of admission worth it?