My unintentional effort to document every indie horror game made in the wake of Amnesia: The Dark Descent continues with a Russian title called The Corridor. Developed by someone going under the nom-de-code Al-exe, The Corridor places players in the role of a hotel guest who has woken up in wee-hours feeling a bit agitated. After looking around for a bit, you open up the door and notice that the hall is considerably longer than you remember. Strange things begin to happen as you move further into the hotel, but further seems the only way out. As you can imagine, the hotel hallways make the game extremely directed, but it’s worth checking as an example of the first-person horror craze sweeping a section of indie design if nothing else.

While the game’s narration is in English, the title screen and website are in Russian. (Once the game boots up, click the top button to start it.) The Corridor is currently in a beta version for PC and can be downloaded from a sketchy looking download site. If you’re not willing to traverse the internet’s back-alleys, Youtube has a plethora of Let’s Play vids of the game, including this one:

The game is scheduled for a full release in either August or October for PC. You can find the download link at the game’s site here.