Though I’ve never played the series, the Mama franchise seems to have more iterations than I ever thought it could. Camping Mama. Babysitting Mama. Gardening Mama. Developer Juan David Gomez is clearly a purist though, as he’s taken the game’s original idea of cooking and tied it in with one of television’s most currently popular shows with Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad.

As you can imagine, Mama is replaced by an enthusiastic Walter White who is here to help you create some of the clearest glass you’ve ever seen. The game is short enough that you can play through it during a break, so make sure to take time to create some meth with this in-browser game here.

Juan David Gomez is also responsible for creating Stewie’s European See ‘n’ say and an 8-bit version of Angry Birds. You can play all three games at his site.

via [Indie Games: The Weblog]