Two trailers from Square Enix and United Front Games giving us new looks at Sleeping Dogs today. The first focuses on the game’s gunplay.

While I still think the game’s melee system looks more engaging, I’m liking the fact that they’re tapping into action-movie antics with some of the kinetic shooting. Reminds me a bit of Stranglehold, which I say as a compliment.

The next trailer goes through one of the game’s police investigation missions (in contrast to the more action-oriented video released last week) with developer commentary. I was baffled a few times by some of the decisions being made here, but enjoy the video first:

The first thing that struck me as odd was the apologetic tone the developer took when explaining why they went metric. If they thought it would be a sticking point for players, it doesn’t seem like a particularly hard thing to change. What should be explained was the second thing that perplexed me: the use of language and accents.

In the opening cutscene, both characters are speaking to each other in English without accent. This lead me to believe that either they are just speaking English or that since the protagonist knows Chinese, he is able to understand the language and is rendered in English for the sake of the player- I’m willing to believe either case. Throughout the mission though, the street cop, nurses and doctors are speaking English with a Chinese accent and the protagonist continues to speak to a nurse in English without accent. I was utterly bewildered by this and could only come to one logical conclusion as to why this is: the Chinese have abandoned their native tongues and have quickly adopted English as the new, common idiom. Perhaps I’m nitpicking, but this weird jumble really took me out of the demonstration.

Aside from that, players will apparently use mini-games to solve murders. While this groan-inducing prospect could be remedied by never using a mini-game more than once, years of video game playing have taught me that this won’t be the case. That being said, having negative expectations shattered is one of my favorite experiences in video games, so shatter away Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs will be released on Xbox, PS3, and Windows this August 14th.


  1. I think he doesn’t have an accent because he’s Chinese-American; he’s not from China… there’s a very good chance I’m wrong though