Resident Evil fans play the games. Serious Resident Evil fans also own every release and probably the movies on blu-ray. Fanatical Resident Evil fans? This one’s for you.

Nobis has teamed up with Sony and Screen Gems to produce for the public the same outerwear and headwear seen in the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution film starring Milla Jovavich and Michelle Rodriguez. There are four different winter weather jackets and two different hats used in the films that look extremely stylish and comfortable.


For those that decide to take the plunge with one of the coats, you’ll also get a limited edition, branded Resident Evil: Retribution cap. These won’t be available for purchase separately, and they are quite attractive. As a bonus for purchasing a $775 coat, they should be.

As a way to celebrate the partnership, nobis is giving fans a chance to win two tickets to red carpet premiere of the movie. You can visit nobis’ website to find out more about the products and visit their Facebook page to enter for the September 2 random drawing… after you check out the trailer for the movie below, of course. Good luck and stay warm.