The Numinous Place is currently a Kickstarter project that aims to create a transmedia mystery for readers to solve. It’s not quite a game- nor is it even an interactive novel- but it’s an interesting project that seems to include some elements of game design. Here’s the project’s lead creative pitching the concept:

I think we can all agree that it’s a bit grandiose. Despite the project’s claims, there doesn’t seem to be anything new being done here. A quick stroll through the young adult book section at your local Target will contain a couple of books that have internet content. Heck, even my college textbooks came with audio CDs and serial numbers that let me access online databases that served as supplemental material.

What’s unique about The Numinous Place is how ambitious it is. Watching the video reminded me of those sections in Assassin’s Creed III where I had to use real-world pictures to find clues. That may not appeal to some of you, but I know I’m not alone in finding that to be some of the most interesting material in the game. It’s unclear as to how much interaction readers will have with the transmedia text, but it seems like it could be one of cooler things that takes advantage of new technologies.

You can check out the project’s Kickstarter here.