If you’ve been spending the last few weeks attempting to still pronounce Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy correctly but have somehow managed to sneak in some actual play time with the impressive rhythm title, I have good news for you.  Square Enix has announced a slew of downloadable songs for the handheld music game that will evoke even more nostalgia for the classic RPG franchise.

On every Thursday of August, being with yesterday, August 2, four new songs will be made available, each priced at $0.99.  The schedule is a bit loaded with more recent entries in the series, but for Final Fantasy fans new and old, there’s likely a few songs that will catch their attention.  On August 2, “Movement in Green” from Final Fantasy X, “March of the Dreadnoughts” from Final Fantasy XIII, “Gustaberg” from Final Fantasy XI and “The Crystal Tower” from Final Fantasy III were launched on the Nintendo eShop.

If none of those titles suit players, next week on August 9, Square will make the “Battle Theme” from Final Fantasy X, “The Dalmasca Estersand” from Final Fantasy XII, “The Darkness of Eternity” from Final Fantasy IX and “This is the Last Battle” from Final Fantasy III available for download.

The following Thursday, August 16, fans can purchase and enjoy “Challenge” from Final Fantasy X, “Desperate Fight” from Final Fantasy XII, “Battle 2” from Final Fantasy IX and “The Final Battle” from Final Fantasy V.

August 23 brings another four songs, though only one of them has an interesting title, “The Royal City of Rabanastre / Town Ward Upper Stratum” from Final Fantasy XII.  The other three songs to be released that day are “Otherworld” from Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IX‘s “The Final Battle” and “Battle 1” from Final Fantasy V.

Last but not least, August 30 brings another three newer and one older song.  “Dark City Treno” from Final Fantasy IX, “Final Battle” from Final Fantasy X, “Boss Battle” from Final Fantasy XII and “The Decisive Battle” from Final Fantasy V.

It’s good to see Square Enix supporting the game with so much content, particularly given how much I enjoyed the title.  Crazy name aside, Theatrhythm is a smart music game that should entertain fans of the series and only those with an ancillary knowledge of what a chocobo looks like.


  1. this month’s release schedule is awesome. lots of love for 3, 9, and 12 for me to enjoy. I really wish that Square would be more fair with releases. 10, 11, and 13 got too much favor in July, and August is seeing just as much of 10. Every week was “have more music from these 3 games” plus one other game. I love the music from 10, but seriously, give the rest of the series a chance!