Just weeks after Amazon announced their focused effort on games with their integrated purchasing system Game Connect and their social game service Game Center, the company has now announced that it is opening up its own game development studio called Amazon Game Studios. Their first title is a Facebook game titled Living Classics that they’re calling a ‘moving object game.’ Here’s the trailer for it:

The trend of distributors moving to content producers is an interesting trend happening across various services. Video services like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and even Amazon itself has moved into making original programming, and on the games side, game rental service GameFly has moved into the mobile publishing space. The prospect of Amazon’s new role has the potential to be both exciting and worrisome. As a new contender, it’s easy to imagine the corporation taking risks on developers that have been passed over by old guards of publishing. A games page front-loaded with Amazon associated games is also a less-attractive possibility.

Until the future reveals the outcomes, you can check out Living Classics at its Facebook location here.