Bohemia‘s military simulator ARMA 2 jumped to the top of the sales charts on Steam earlier this year when the open-world survival horror zombie modification DayZ went live. Choosing to focus on the survival aspects of a post-zombiepocalypse scenario, rather than simply having the player constantly running from and gunning down zombies (though that is definitely part of it), the mod was widely praised for its unique gameplay, with many stating that the it could easily have been its own standalone title.

Now, it’s been confirmed that Bohemia Interactive will be developing a standalone version of the mod, with the original creator, Dean Hall, as the project lead. Hall plans to follow a Minecraft system of development: that is, fast iterations with a community alpha available for a heavily discounted price. Development of this standalone version will exist in parallel to development and updates of the current mod, so if you’ve been playing that, you can keep doing so. More questions will be answered in the coming weeks, so for now, keep your browsers set both here and on the new DayZ website to keep current with development news.