We’ve fought on the beaches of Normandy. We’ve stormed the streets of Paris and London. Now, we’re hopping in our clandestine government time machine to heed the Call of Duty in the future. Sure, the single-player campaign for Black Ops 2 looks interesting, but anyone who is worth the brass in the uncountable number of virtual shells fired across the world knows that only one thing matters: multiplayer. Treyarch and Activision are ready to feed your need.

With the trailer below, the first shots have been let loose on the battleground of the future. While the gunplay is interesting, it’s the new equipment that really has me excited… and I’m not what you would call a diehard. You knife-throwning maniacs are going to have yet another reason to pack a blade thanks to the explosive stun effect. Want to slow down run-n-gunners? How about a microwave-emitting emplacement. Cooking instructions: set for 30 seconds on high, laugh. Maybe you want to be a sneaky bastard and hang out while a quadcopter drone does your dirty work. Done and done. Feast your eyes on the outlines of enemies hiding in the smoke and around corners. Can you say “tactical advantage,” boys and girls? I knew you could.

Get your peek at the intensity of a black future below. Now… about those zombies…