Exciting news today as the artist formerly known as TrenchedIron Brigade– is coming to a PC near you August 13th. This marks the arrival of all of Double Fine’s recent downloadable games to the PC except for Once Upon A Monster. For those who’ve never played the game here’s the XBLA trailer for it:

While the game will be available through Steam (yay!) and will include the “Rise of the Martian Bear” DLC (double yay!) some bad news is that it will also use GFWL (consarnit!). The terrible Microsoft games service continues to twitch long after everybody has happily declared its demise. The implementation of the service is what eventually drove me away from Gotham Imposters despite how much I enjoyed the game when it did work. Arrgh! While the news of GFWL’s use may enrage many of you, I offer these PC screenshots of the game in an effort to appease you.