LittleBigPlanet Karting will take everyone’s favorite Sackboy and throw him into a frenetic racing title that looks to the be the PlayStation 3‘s Mario Kart.  After a host of previews and a beta, the game finally has a concrete release date.

Set to release on November 6, Sony has released a trailer to introduce the title while retaining the franchise’s sense of humor.  Poking fun at the Olympics, the trailer gives players a glimpse of just how bizarre and delightful the included tracks will be.  The hints of futuristic pathways and hulking, chomping creatures look to create a zany racer that will hopefully take the best of the original series and developer United Front Games‘ (who will be hot off their release of Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs) previous racing franchise, ModNation Racers.

Of course, a trailer would not be complete without mentioning pre-order bonuses, but Sony fans may want to take note of this one.  By putting down money for the game early at participating retailers, players will unlock access to a Kevin Butler-themed costume and kart.  Inclusion of the mascot’s signature quips and jokes have yet to be announced, but we can all hope.

Be sure to watch the trailer to see what LittleBigPlanet Karting has in store, and check out our E3 preview of the title to see why fans should be excited for the chaotic racing title.

via [Polygon]