Despite my love of indie games, it’s often difficult for me to dive into XBLIG. Not only has Microsoft continued to bury the store under menu after menu, but once I get there, the deluge of bad games makes it difficult to find the good ones. That’s why I’m grateful for things like the Indie Game Uprising. The community organized event highlights the best indie games out on the market, saving consumers the trouble of having to do so themselves (which- in honesty- most people wouldn’t do anyways). Here’s the trailer for the promotion:

An interesting wrinkle in this year’s Uprising is that instead of games being voted upon by the XBLIG community, they’ll instead be hand-picked. While this decision may seem antithetical to the spirit of ‘indie,’ the selection of this year’s games look like great choices. Here’s a handy list of the titles so you can remember what to look for:

Diehard Dungeon
City Tuesday
Smooth Operators: Call Center

The promotion runs from September 10th-20th. Keep your eyes on the site for reviews of each.