Today marks week four of this year’s Microsoft Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. Following a strong start with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, the event has been marked by less than stellar titles. Wreckateer and Deadlight failed to wow critics, with Metacritic scores for both sitting at 68/100. This week’s entry, Hybrid, was set to impress shooter fans with its persistent world and Zero-G gunplay.

Unfortunately, server issues have weighed down enthusiasm, prompting Microsoft to remove the game from the Xbox Live Marketplace. We reached out to the publisher to find out the reason and received this response from a Microsoft Spokesperson,

“We have identified a problem and are in the process of finding a solution. We will make the game available as soon as we can and apologize for the inconvenience.”

You can read our writeup of the Hybrid beta here. That should be enough to have you join us in crossing our fingers that developer 5th Cell gets things sorted quickly.


Update @ 7 PM PDT – According to a tweet from MajorNelson*, Hybrid has been restored to the XBL Marketplace. You may now download and shoot each other at Zero G.

*”Hybrid is ready for download #ProblemsSolved”