Anyone who has ever moved knows that there is a mixture of anxiety and thrill related to changing your mailing address. For months, you worry whether your important glue-sealed envelopes and clear tape ensconced packages will actually make it to you. The fear begins to subside when you receive your first delivery. For me, that was a small padded envelope from KontrolFreek with a pair of their new FPSFreek CQC thumbstick attachments. My usual controller is out for warranty replacement, making this a perfect opportunity to experiment with something new.

The concept behind the FPSFreek line is simple. The attachments elevate your thumb position for greater comfort, but also for an enhanced range of motion (40% according to KontrolFreek). The geometry is easy to understand, too. As your thumb moves further away from the thumbstick’s pivot point, the same motions you already make result in finer adjustments to your aiming reticle. This is because the pivot angle on the stick changes much less rapidly.

The upshot is more precise targeting, but that isn’t all. The additional height on the sticks in combination with the non-slip rubberized surface of the FPSFreek changes the angle at which your thumbs bend to rest in their default positions. For those with smaller hands, this might prove a problem. For people like me with average-sized mitts, the change is both noticeable and welcome. In my short time using them, I’ve noticed less joint fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

While the FPSFreeks didn’t drastically improve my K/D ratio, I did notice improved control over my movements. They aren’t going to make you a top-tier professional player overnight, but they might help reign in wild thumb movements in the heat of battle. I can use all the help I can get.

This was my first introduction to KontrolFreek’s products, and it was certainly a good one. The FPSFreek CQC runs $10.99 and, for those of you that compete, they are tournament-approved. If you have thumb pain from extended gaming or are simply looking to improve your aim in FPS titles, these are certainly worth checking out.