Board games on PCs aren’t a new trend as arguably, many turn-based strategy games are just highly complex versions of them, but the trend of stripping the layers and dropping in hexes is one that I’m into. If you’re of the same mind, you might want to check out BitFlip’s Minion Master, a game that combines tabletop wargaming with collectible cards. Here’s the trailer they’ve cut up for this year’s Pax Prime, where they’ll be showcasing their game:

Aside from that neat level editor seen in the video, the game will also feature online six-player co-op and versus multiplayer. Now you can have the joy of boardgaming with friends without the bother of having to clean up your apartment or put on a constricting pair of pants.

The game is currently in an open beta, which you can join be pre-ordering the game for an affordable $20 at the official website.