A new video for Dishonored today, done in the same style as the ‘Daring Escapes’ video unleashed by Bethesda and Arkane Studios two weeks ago. This one focuses on the variety of ways the game gives you to dispatch opponents. Watch it here:

As I’ve just today realized that the closest thing to a ‘AAA’ title that I’ve played this year is the “Gods and Kings” expansion for Civilization V, I’m excited that there exists a game in that space that has me eager to play it. While both this video and Daring Escapes one highlights player freedom, I’ll state again that I’m curious as to how committed the design will be to that idea. Can I play through the entire game just by manipulating the environment, for instance? I certainly hope so, as I’m tired of games proclaiming ‘Freedom’ and then leashing up my choices.

Dishonored comes to Windows, Xbox 360, and PS3 October 9th.