Back in April at PAX East, I had the great fortune of meeting the wonderful team at Tin Man Games. Their Gamebook Adventures (similar, but unrelated to the Choose Your Own Adventure titles of my youth) found a home on my iPad, and I’ve been working my way through the nostalgia-infused digital tomes with glee. What sets the Gamebook Adventure titles apart is their marriage with traditional RPG elements.

At the start of each, you name and roll a character. These determine your agility and strength, key for resolving some of the encounters the text will throw your way. Make no mistake, these are challenging games. Depending on your chosen difficulty level, you’ll have access to a number of bookmarks so you don’t have to restart the entire book. Think of these like the tapes required to save your game in the old Resident Evil titles.

Now, the developer and author Miellyn Barrows (both friendly and effusive about her work) are set to release the 10th entry in the series, Strange Loves: Vampire Boyfriends. This book differs from the others only in subject matter. Barrows tale is aimed at female readers, especially those that delight in the resurgence of the sultry side of the undead. You can check out a trailer for the game below, and purchase it on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire this coming Monday August 13, 2012.

Be sure to visit Tin Man Games’ website to see all of their Gamebooks (including a Judge Dredd title) and be sure to follow Tin Man and Miellyn on Twitter at @TinManGames and @MiellynB respectively.