A new game distribution platform by the name of JogoBox has opened up into beta for PC users. What makes JogoBox unique is instead of trying to sell you games, it just gives them away for free. The service has collected dozens of games ranging from classics like Dune and The Lost Vikings to some slightly more modern offerings like Happy Wheels and Nexuiz. While these games are all readily available through other places, JogoBox also conveniently runs whatever DOSBoxing and SCUMVMing that you need automatically. The UI is also pretty great, considering it’s in beta.

As technology presses on, I’m always wondering how older games can be accessed by later generations. While we can read books that are more than a millennia old, games that I’ve enjoyed in my lifetime are difficult to get my hands on. Projects like JogoBox makes me hopeful that these abandoned games will continue to live on in an easily attainable form. Dune II for instance, was a watershed game for the RTS genre. As I’ve only gotten into the genre fairly recently, the game wasn’t part of my vocabulary as I hadn’t taken the time to find the game file and appropriate DOSBox. Within minutes after getting JogoBox, I’ve already played a couple of mission of the game and can see the primitive mechanics that still exist in modern RTS games today.

You can pick up JogoBox for your PC here.