These bundle sites should really communicate and coordinate releases so as to spread them out, as I’m always getting emails about them within the span of a few days. Less groaning, more info though- let’s dive into the first indie bundle news.

Indie Royale has released its Gone Fishin’ promo with six titles. Sol: Exodus is one of the handful of indie space fighter sims to come out recently. All Zombies Must Die is a twin stick shooter. Cubemen is a tower defense with light RTS elements. I wrote a review of the casual strategy game Squids here. Lastly, Platformance is a brutal 2D platformer that is being offered in two flavors: Platformance: Castle Pain and Platformance: Temple Death. As a first, here’s a video put together by the Indie Royale folks for the sale:

The current minimum is $5.50 and the sale goes on for 6 more days.

In other bundle news, Indie Gala has opened up the Gala Store’s beta. Essentially, the store will act as a digital purchasing site where you can get codes to games and receive discounts on those games by spending points you earn by buying bundles; a sort of rewards program. While the store currently features only PC games that can be redeemed through Steam, there are eventual plans to move beyond Steam, add mobile games, and even sell records at one point. You can check out the FAQ here.