Valve has announced a new feature for the Steam Community that should be dropping soon. Every game on Steam will get a “Game Hub,” where players can submit screenshots, videos, and Steam Workshop items to be rated by the community. The most popular items will be highlighted in the hub. This feature will be combined with the existing title-specific news, making the Game Hub a “one-stop” destination for fans of that game.

Emily Kent, a designer at Valve, says “The New Steam Community is all about showing off the best content that gamers have created. With over 89 million screenshots, videos, Steam Workshop maps, levels, mods, and items, plus news articles and product updates, the community has created an unbelievable wealth of content around their favorite games.”

There’s a whole wealth of possibilities in user-generated content and it’s great to see Valve embrace it even further than they already have. Check the Steam Community page everyday over the next few days for previews of what’s to come.