The Chevin Conglomerate, an unsavory bunch of smugglers and enslavers, has been spotted in Star Wars: The Old Republic. A new world event has been officially announced, calling for players to take part in The Great Acquisitions Race.

It seems as if the giant walking faces dressed in Jawa robes, known as the Chevin, are interested in rare goods and don’t seem to be too picky on how or where you acquire them. Representatives for the event will be in Nar Shaddaa, a shady planet in its own right that is filled to the brim with cheating casinos, cantina dancers and Hutts galore.

While there isn’t much detail on how long the race will last, BioWare comments that the goods are scattered across the galaxy and must be retrieved before the Chevin go back to the Outer Rim from which they came. Hopefully, this event will bring in some of the vanity goods we were told would come back at E3 including new pets, adaptable social gear and more, much like in The Rakghoul Plague Outbreak back in April.