For many, Labor Day weekend cannot come soon enough but not because of the break from work or the chance to spend time with family.  No, instead tens of thousands of fans will descend upon Seattle for all things gaming during the Penny Arcade Expo 2012.  PAX is three days of game demos, panels competitions in the city that is always sunny, Seattle.  Wait, that’s Philadelphia.

Regardless of weather, Seattle will house quite a few more tourists than during a normal weekend, and for many of them, myself included, this event is their first reason to visit Seattle.  And if you’re traveling alone or with fellow others new to the capital city, a little guidance is always appreciated.  We here at RipTen would like to offer those in such a position a little help from our friends over at Destructoid.

Holly Green, a resident of the city, has compiled an extremely helpful guide to everything you may need to know to make your visit to Seattle a great one.  It covers the basics, like how to actually navigate public transportation, but information like this will be invaluable to those out of their element.  I may be able to easily make my way through New York City’s subways, but I instantly lose my way in another town.

If you happen to have some time during PAX to actually leave the convention, Holly provides a great set of notable landmarks that highlight the vast amount of culture Seattle has to offer.  But if the culture you’re looking for is food and drink related, this guide has you covered.  Holly provides a lengthy list of establishments, segmented by cuisine, that should provide you with plenty of opportunities to empty your wallet.  Whatever your flavor, from Mexican food to pizza to beer, there is a wealth of options near and far from the convention center.

I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle, and PAX seems like the prime opportunity to actually explore the city (Get it? PAX…Prime…ok I’ll stop with the city humor).  This type of guide, complete with links, pictures and videos to help those less reading inclined, should ease the transition for those unfamiliar with the city.  It’s a great resource, as every major concern is condensed into a single, helpful page with words of advice and warning for those new in town, and I will be sure to have the guide open on my phone during the trip at all times.  Be sure to enjoy PAX, but don’t expect to see me wandering the streets of Seattle lost with this guide in hand.